Welcome ! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, a firm in the UK is now using the name Cool Cribs focc_pamr their real estate operations. How very interesting! We have trademark protection in the US but are not quite big enough to tackle world trademark infringement so we send them good wishes for their success. Anything to get the name out there is totally awesome!

Asdie from that little diddy, the US side of Cool Cribs is growing by leaps and bounds. We are adding new agents and new listings to our Brokerage daily and are working on an entire revamp of our website to incorporate all the new goodies along with welcoming our California expansion!

Welcome to Jack Boyles for joining our team! And, if any other agents out there who embody positive spirits, entrepreneurial style, and professional principles, are looking for a new home to hang your license, do come talk with us. It’d be nice to expand our team with like minded individuals.

To all the Sellers out there, please don’t let the daily news about the Housing Market get you down. There are plenty of buyers out there looking for homes and the homes moving the fastest are those priced right or are unique in some way, shape or form. Yes, gone are the days of any old house selling quickly at an inflated price but if you’ve got something unique or are willing to sell at a reasonable price, you’re in great shape.

Check our Twitter page and Blog for the most up to date listings and information on new houses available.

And, back to our regular real estate programming…we here at Cool Cribs do things a little differently. We DO NOT represent every home that comes our way, nor do we represent every client that comes our way. Repeat… DO NOT. Most of us in the office come from professional corporate backgrounds and incorporate that into our real estate business. We, like you, can’t bear to hear any more war stories about real estate agents done wrong. We strive to change perceptions one client at a time, Just like my dear friend Tim Eastmon From Arizona. He hold the same Principles in changing the way people look at real estate. Tim has been In the Prescott real estate game for a very long time and is a true professional.  He has alot of real estate in prescott az that he has sold to help many families and is truly one of the few people i know that holds the same views that i inspire the rest of my company to have. Tho he is a competitor i will always recognize his morals and the make up of what makes him a great part of the real estate industry. Rather its the U.K or The U.S.